Colours & Patterns
Colours displayed on this website are for general guidance only. Colours and patterns are indicative since web colours vary from computer to computer. Inspection of completed works by referred concrete contractors and actual manufactured colour samples is recommended to confirm choice of colour, pattern and finish for the completed works. Intending customers are advised to read and understand the precautions and limitations of the stamp impression concrete method.

Disclaimer for pool coatings showcase
Designer Pool Coatings and Designer Beadcrete are applied by hand under varying weather and site conditions. Pool colours will change depending on site conditions, surrounding colours, cloud cover and depth of water. Due to these environmental factors and the fact that colours may vary depending on the monitor you are viewing them on, all colours should only be used as a guide. Please request to see actual samples before choosing your interior colour.

The information contained on this website is for general guidance only and in no way replaces the advice or services of professional consultants. No liability is accepted by the Publisher for its use.

Licensed or otherwise appropriately experienced concrete contractors who use and/or recommend Buyrite Steel Supplies product systems are independent entities and bears responsibility for workmanship and proper application of Buyrite Steel Supplies product systems and asserts that the contractor is fully conversant in the proper application of decorative surface-formed concrete product systems and has received copies of the manufacturer’s product systems specifications.

DCC Manufacturing Pty Ltd nor any of its subsidiaries assumes any liability expressed or implied for the workmanship or improper product application of independent concrete contractors or their agents or employees, nor for product abuse or damage caused by undue influence or by pavement owners.

Provisions of this Disclosure do not reduce or limit DCC Manufacturing Pty Ltd obligations in relation to proven defective or faulty materials at the point of sale should they ever arise from time to time as stipulated in the company’s written product warranty.

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